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What I've been doing lately... vol.II

It's FANTASTIC to find your job on other people blogs!
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What I’ve being doing lately…

I must admit that I didn’t take care of my blog for the last… …THREE YEARS! That’s the bad side of being involved in a exhausting but amazing fashion project of renewal a classic womenwear label, putting it back in today’s high street fashion market. I tell you what, if there’s something that I do believe and that I learned time ago about directing in fashion is that there’s nothing impossible without a great team. About this, I’m the luckiest one.
We have been working very hard putting the best of ourselves in this Spanish label call CORTEFIEL ( From now on I start publishing some of our outfits, beginning with the first collection I made… …three years ago.

The Pilgrim: It Happened In Paris

It's very difficult nowadays to meet somebody really "gifted" in fashion business... I consider myself very lucky knowing somebody like Mr. van Rooy. He's "PURE TALENT" and a charming guy. Here you are a sample of his work, I hope you will enjoy his draws and blog as much as I do.

The Pilgrim: It Happened In Paris: Two times a year, in February and September, we travel to Paris for work, mainly to see the "Première Vision" fabric fair and do some shop...

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